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JSC Robotics

Julia Braman in the robotics group at JSC led the development of an onboard energy management advisory system for the Space Exploration Vehicle (former LER) manned rovers. The system will be used during the 2010 D-RATS field trials to improve situational awareness of battery state of charge through a combination of predictive modeling across an activity plan and real-time state estimation. + Read More + D-RATS Info


MIT Space Systems Lab

Dave Miller's group is using State Analysis and the MDS C++ frameworks to develop a fault-tolerant control system for the MIT SPHERES formation flight testbed facility aboard the International Space Station. + Read More


MIT Model-Based Embedded Robotic Systems Group

Prof. Brian Williams and his group are developing robust model-based executives for the next generation of intelligent space exploration spacecraft; collaborative efforts have integrated the MERS group's Model-based Programming paradigm with State Analysis and MDS. + Read More


Team Caltech

Team Caltech, led by Richard Murray, are developing an entry in DARPA's Urban Grand Challenge. State Analysis has influenced their design process. + Read More


University of Michigan Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Ella Atkins group is using State Analysis and the MDS C++ frameworks to develop autonomous goal-based motion applications for the control of space-based manipulators and the control of spacecraft orbits for opportunistic science data collection.


Specification, Design, and Verification of Distributed Embedded Systems Project

Richard Murray of Caltech is leading a project researching techniques to improve the specification, design, and verification of distributed embedded control systems in collaboration with researchers at MIT, University of Washington, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Key work by Phd student Julia Braman has focused on verification of Goal-based control systems using MDS. + Read More


USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering

The SCRover (Southern California Rover) project is a public safety robot being developed by the University of Southern California (USC) for the Department of Public Safety (DPS). SCRover is built using JPL's, Mission Data Systems (MDS) framework. The SCRover was developed as part of NASA's High Dependability Computing program. + Read More


Sun Microsystems

The Golden Gate project was a collaboration between Sun Microsystems (Greg Bollella), JPL, and Carnegie-Mellon University (Brian Giovannoni) to demonstrate the use of Real Time Java in a robotic control system. + Read More


NASA's Mission Reliable Patrick Regan, Scott Hamilton IEEE Computer January 2006 issue. Discusses activities in NASA to build better mission systems. + Article
NASA's Exploration Agenda and Capability Engineering IEEE Computer January 2006 issue. NASA is using model-based languages and risk analysis methodologies to raise software development to the level of hardware development. Ultimately, it hopes to achieve a fusion of systems and software engineering by replacing conventional software development techniques with capability engineering, which focuses on a system's full set of functionalities. + Article

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