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Architectural Concepts for Human-Rated Automation ABSTRACT - Since the beginning of human spaceflight, spacecraft designers have emphasized simplicity of design to minimize failures and have relied on a large ground staff to assist flight crews. As spacecraft ... D. Wagner, D. Dvorak, A. Mishkin, G. Horvath, G. Johnson, G. Jones AIAA Infotech@Aerospace 2010. Atlanta, GA. April 2010 . + PDF CL#10-1291
Model-Based Software Quality Assurance with the Architecture Analysis and Design Language ABSTRACT - Model-based software quality assurance (MB-SQA) provides a rigorous framework for the verification and validation of software systems through the systematic modeling and analysis of formal architectur ... D. Gluch, P. Feiler, K. Weiss, K. Woodham AIAA Infotech@Aerospace 2009. Seattle, WA. April 2009 . + PDF CL#09-1019
A Control Architecture for Safe Human-Robotic Interactions During Lunar Surface Operations ABSTRACT - Long duration human-robotic missions to the Moon and beyond will require increased use of automation beyond current Space Shuttle and International Space Station practice. This paper explores the appl ... D. Wagner, D. Dvorak, L. Baroff, A. Mishkin, M. Ingham, M. Bennett, D. Mittman AIAA Infotech@Aerospace 2009. Seattle, WA. April 2009 . + PDF CL#09-1177
An Architectural Pattern for Goal-Based Control ABSTRACT - Time-based command sequencing is the time-honored paradigm for control of spacecraft and rovers in NASA's robotic missions, but the paradigm has been increasingly strained to accommodate today's miss ... M. Bennett, D. Dvorak, J. Hutcherson, M. Ingham, R. Rasmussen, D. Wagner IEEE Aerospace Conference. Big Sky, MT. March 2008 . + PDF CL#07-3810
Goal-Based Operations of an Antenna Array for Deep Space Communication ABSTRACT - NASA is currently evaluating the benefits of transitioning to a highly reconfigurable network of arrayed disk antennas to support an increasing number of deep space missions. The next-generation Deep ... J. Choi, A. Coleman, D. Dvorak, J. Hutcherson, M. Ingham, C.Y. Lee, P. Wolgast iSAIRAS. Los Angeles, CA. Feb 2008 . + PDF CL#07-4366
Comparison of Goal-Based Operations and Command Sequencing ABSTRACT - In robotic space missions the purpose of any operations paradigm is to achieve specific objectives while protecting the health of the space vehicle(s). Unfortunately, in the dominant paradigm of com ... D. Dvorak SpaceOps. Heidelberg, Germany. May 2008 . + PDF CL#08-1059
Application of a Safety-Driven Design Methodology to an Outer Planet Exploration Mission ABSTRACT - Traditional requirements specification and hazard analysis techniques have not kept pace with the increasing complexity and constraints of modern space systems development. These techniques are incom ... B.D. Owens, M.S. Herring, N. Dulac, N.G. Leveson, M. Ingham, K. Weiss IEEE Aerospace Conference. Big Sky, MT. March 2008 . + PDF CL#07-3687
GN&C Fault Protection Fundamentals ABSTRACT - Addressing fault tolerance for spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control has never been easy. Even under normal conditions, these systems confront a remarkable blend of complex issues across many ... R. Rasmussen American Astronautical Society 31st Annual AAS Guidance and Control Conference. Breckenridge, CO. Feb 2008 . + PDF CL#08-0125
Verification Procedure for Generalized Goal-Based Programs ABSTRACT - Safety verification of fault-tolerant control systems is essential for the success of autonomous robotic systems. A control architecture called Mission Data System, developed at the Jet Propulsion L ... J. Braman, R. Murray, M. Ingham AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference. Rohnert Park, CA. May 2007 . + PDF CL#07-1653
Safety Verification of a Fault Tolerant Reconfigurable Autonomous Goal-Based Robotic Control System ABSTRACT - Fault tolerance and safety verification of control systems are essential for the success of autonomous robotic systems. A control architecture called Mission Data System (MDS), developed at the Jet ... J. Braman, R. Murray, D. Wagner IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). San Diego, CA. Oct/Nov 2007 . + PDF CL#07-3644
Goal-Based Operations: An Overview ABSTRACT - Operating robotic space missions via time-based command sequences has become a limiting factor in the exploration, defense, and commercial sectors. Command sequencing was originally designed for comp ... D. Dvorak, M. Ingham, J.R. Morris, J. Gersh AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference. Rohnert Park, CA. May 2007 . + PDF CL#07-1392
Model-Based Engineering Design Pilots at JPL ABSTRACT - This paper discusses two recent formulation phase Model-Based Engineering Design pilot projects at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It describes how model-based functional and state analyses were synthe ... M. Kordon IEEE Aerospace Conference. Big Sky, MT. March 2007 . + PDF CL#06-3736
Practical Application of Model-based Programming and State-based Architecture to Space Missions ABSTRACT - Innovative systems and software engineering solutions are required to meet the increasingly challenging demands of deep-space robotic missions. While recent advances in the development of integrated s ... G. Horvath, M. Ingham, S. Chung, O. Martin, B. Williams IEEE International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology. Pasadena, CA. July 2006 . + PDF CL#06-1577
Application of State Analysis and Goal-Based Operations to a MER Mission Scenario ABSTRACT - State analysis is a model-based systems engineering metholodogy employing a rigorous discovery process which articulates operations concepts and operability needs as an integrated part of system desi ... J.R. Morris, M. Ingham, A. Mishkin, R. Rasmussen, T. Starbird SpaceOps Conference. Rome, IT. June 2006 . + PDF CL#06-1566
A Model-Based Requirements Database Tool for Complex Embedded Systems ABSTRACT - It has become clear that spacecraft system complexity is reaching a threshold where customary methods of control are no longer affordable or sufficiently reliable. At the heart of this problem are th ... M. Bennett, R. Rasmussen, M. Ingham International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) International Symposium. Washington DC. May 2005 . + PDF CL#04-3613
State-Based Models for Planning and Execution ABSTRACT - Many traditional planners are build on top of existing execution engines that were not necessarily intended to be operated by a planner. The Mission Data System has been designed from the onset to ha ... M. Bennett, R. Knight, R. Rasmussen, M. Ingham International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS). Monterey, CA. June 2005 . + PDF CL#05-0762
A Unifying Framework for Systems Modeling, Control Systems Design, and System Operation ABSTRACT - Current engineering practice in the analysis and design of large-scale multi-disciplinary control systems is typified by some form of decomposition -- whether functional or physical or discipline-base ... D. Dvorak, M. Indictor, M. Ingham, R. Rasmussen, M. Stringfellow IEEE System, Man, and Cybernetics Conference. Kona, HI. October 2005 . + PDF CL#05-0805
Achieving Control and Interoperability Through Unified Model-Based Engineering and Software Engineering ABSTRACT - This paper describes the control challenge faced by future exploration systems and outlines a realistic approach to solving it, based upon a unified, principled architectural approach to both software ... R. Rasmussen, M. Ingham, D. Dvorak AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference. Arlington, VA. September 2005 . + PDF CL#05-2806
Data Management in the Mission Data System ABSTRACT - As spacecraft systems evolve from simple embedded devices to become more sophisticated computing platforms with complex behaviors it is increasingly necessary to model and manage the flow of data, an ... D. Wagner IEEE System, Man, and Cybernetics Conference. Kona, HI. October 2005 . + PDF CL#05-0950
Mission Planning and Execution Within the Mission Data System ABSTRACT - Not only has the number of launched spacecraft per year exploded recently, but spacecraft are also getting progressively more complex as flyby missions give way to remote orbiters, which in turn give ... A. Barrett, R. Knight, J.R. Morris, R. Rasmussen International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space. Darmstadt, Germany. June 2004 . + PDF CL#04-0632
Planning for V&V of the Mars Science Laboratory Rover Software ABSTRACT - NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover mission is planning to make use of advanced software technologies in order to support fulfillment of its ambitious science objectives. The mission plans to a ... M. Feather, L. Fesq, M. Ingham, S. Klein, S. Nelson IEEE Aerospace Conference. Big Sky, MT. March 2004 . + PDF CL#03-2911
The MDS Autonomous Control Architecture ABSTRACT - We describe the autonomous control architecture for the JPL Mission Data System (MDS). MDS is a comprehensive new software infrastructure for supporting unmanned space exploration. The autonomous cont ... E. Gat World Automation Conference. Maui, HI. June 2000 . + PDF CL#00-1730
Energy Management of the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle using a Goal-Oriented Control System ABSTRACT - Safe human exploration in space missions requires careful management of limited resources such as breathable air and stored electrical energy. Daily activities for astronauts must be carefully planne ... J. Badger Braman, D. Wagner IEEE Aerospace Conference 2011. Big Sky, MT. . + PDF CL#10-4654


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