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Goal-Based Operations: An Overview ABSTRACT - Operating robotic space missions via time-based command sequences has become a limiting factor in the exploration, defense, and commercial sectors. Command sequencing was originally designed for comp ... D. Dvorak, M. Ingham, J.R. Morris, J. Gersh AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference. Rohnert Park, CA. May 2007 . + PDF CL#07-1392
Application of State Analysis and Goal-Based Operations to a MER Mission Scenario ABSTRACT - State analysis is a model-based systems engineering metholodogy employing a rigorous discovery process which articulates operations concepts and operability needs as an integrated part of system desi ... J.R. Morris, M. Ingham, A. Mishkin, R. Rasmussen, T. Starbird SpaceOps Conference. Rome, IT. June 2006 . + PDF CL#06-1566
Mission Planning and Execution Within the Mission Data System ABSTRACT - Not only has the number of launched spacecraft per year exploded recently, but spacecraft are also getting progressively more complex as flyby missions give way to remote orbiters, which in turn give ... A. Barrett, R. Knight, J.R. Morris, R. Rasmussen International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space. Darmstadt, Germany. June 2004 . + PDF CL#04-0632


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